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Industrial Ink-jet printer is an un-contiguous marking system. The inner gear pump puts a press on the inks in the system, emits inks by way of several dozen UM nozzle. Electric ink drop deflects in deflecting electric field formed from deflecting electrode, emits from the spray nozzle, strike different positions on the product surface, forms required kinds of characters, patterns and other marks. inkjet printer is widely used for paper printing, glass bottles printing, plastic bottles printing, metal printing, medicine box printer, plastic bags printing, cartons printing, paper bags printing, electronic products printing, labels printing, nylon printing, ABS/PVC/PC printing, rubber printing, resin printing, ceramic printing, etc.

  • Perfect humanity design
  • One button touch Start - Stop function
  • Diagnose any fault automatically
  • Phase and viscosity controlled automatically
  • Nozzles flush
  • It can work with the production line or conveyor belt to achieve the online flying printing


  Power supply

  1 phase,220V

  Printing lines

  1-4 lines

  Print speed



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