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This is roll to roll chain driven live roller conveyor and is a low cost, high load capacity powered conveyor suitable for many conveying applications such as Pallet Loads, Drums, Containers, and Testing. The standard configuration includes 2-1/2"x11 gauge chain driven live rollers, 1HP 230/460VAC 3 phase motor, and 30 feet per minute conveying speed. Optional motors, speeds, and controls are available. Drive Sections are designed to be used with Slave Sections or as a stand alone conveyor. Being a modular design drive and slave units can be configured to your required length. Use 4BH30 floor supports with a BF 4" greater than the Effective Width.

Easy to use
Speed controller to change speed
Low maintenance

Non corrossive rollers

Power supply

3 phase


1.5 kw


SS,Galvanized,Heat resistant, Corrosion resistant

Roller diameter

According to convey goods


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