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Codpac automatic flowmeter filling machine is available with a choice of between 2 and 12 filling heads.  Mass flowmeter liquid filling machines provide great flexibility, quick product changeover times, and ease of cleaning.The Masterfil range can grow with the production requirements of your company, offering many advantages.  Starting with a 4 or 6 head machine on a frame sized for growth, extra heads can be added to meet increased output requirements.  We offer a range of 4 heavy duty frames, which can accommodate 2 to 12 filling heads, there is also a light weight frame which can carry 1 to 4 heads dependent on the size of the container.When filling with flowmeters liquid passes through a mass flowmeter located before the filling nozzle, providing an accurate measure of the liquid.  The filling heads offer a wide range of fill volumes and can handle low to high viscosity liquids.  The nozzles are adjustable to fill foaming and non-foaming products with variable speed filling capacity.With no pistons to clean, changeover time is greatly reduced and the need for cleaning effluent is minimized. The machine takes liquid directly from a pump into the container to be filled without being measured in a cylinder.Touch-screen programming and the ability to store multiple filling profiles, with varied fill speeds, has greatly increased the efficiencies on line throughputs. Easy recall of container fill profiles has helped to de-skill the operating of this range.

  • Filling volume change over time less than 2 minute
  • Filling volume change over from PLC touch screen base. No tool required
  • Liquid calibration done from PLC
  • Filling memory setting given in PLC
  • Max 50 filling volume setting save in PLC
  • Filling machine direct connect with your bulk storage tanks or liquid mfg plant.
  • Flow meter base filling technologies

Power Supply



50 bpm



Fill accuracy


No of head

2,4,6,8 or 12


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