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Automatic liquid filling machine is designed for cosmetic liquids filling requirement with massive volume. The liquid level of every bottle will be the same and the surplus bubbles will overflow to reservoir. It especially suits for foamy liquid.

An anti-dust housing is installed to make sure the machine comply with the standard of food hygiene.
Automatic conveyor mounted bottle indexing gates to control container movement.
Filler frame is fully enclosed with stainless steel panels and gasketed access door.
Suits for free flowing liquid filling requirement like water and juice.
Controlled by PLC with color touch screen: filling volume, speed, and interval time can be adjusted directly on the touch screen without mechanical adjustment.
Four filling nozzles to fill four bottles at one time.
Heads sink into bottles to decrease bubbles.
Both round bottle and rectangular bottle can be adopted easily without additional device.
Surplus liquid and bubbles overflow back to reservoir.
Dipping nozzles prevent spillage and diminish bubbles.
Fiber optic sensors for container gating.
Can be customized according to different liquid.
User friendly control system with touch screen for ease of adjustment.

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