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Water based liquids

Rotary 4 Heads Perfume Cleaning&Filling & Crimping&collaring &automatic to put bottles on
conveyor Machine is used for filling perfume, floral water, and other water-based materials. It is a rotary type
machine with 4 filling heads, which could fill 4 bottles at the same time, it is efficient and labor-saving.
It consisted of automatic air cleaning, filling, pump positioning, crimping & collaring device, &automatic to put
bottles on conveyor. Main function as these are automatic by the system, only need manual put bottles & pump
& collar.
The rotary filling heads are working with lifting and descending support device, these process are running
automatically. It is also equipped with a recycle system, after reaching set volume the overflowed liquid will be
recycled inside the container, which saving time and labor tensity.

  • Negative pressure suction fluid filling,product filling quantity to liquid level height is the metering method
  • All in one and easy to operate
  • Reduse man power 
  • Equipment with casters,convenient to move
  • The contact part adopt 316L stainless steel,table with SS 304
  • Suitable for glass bottle and the plastic bottle which will not easy out of shape after vacuum.
Production Capacity 18-25B/M
Filling Volume 20-300ml (can be customized)
Application of Bottle Height 50-300mm
Air Source: 0.4-0.6kg
Machine Dimension 1200mm * 1300mm * 1800 mm


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