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If you transport large quantities of goods and heavy loads across short distances on a daily basis, you will soon reap the benefits of using our manual hand pallet trucks. Thanks to their high capacity of up to three tons and excellent manoeuvrability in even the tightest of spaces, hand pallet trucks represent ideal warehouse aids. Chrome-plated axles and sliding bushings on the wheels and joints ensure smooth and effortless pulling and pushing with minimal noise.The various models are not only suitable for standard Euro pallets, but can also be used to transport special and display pallets. This is ensured by adjustable forks (ranging from 140 to 585 millimetres) and selectable fork lengths (ranging up to 2400 millimetres).

A reel carrying pallet truck or roll carrying pallet truck is ideal for transporting such things as textile rolls, paper rolls, drums and other cylindrical shaped loads.

This model has a larger than normal load capacity of 2000kg, as well as double tandem polyurethane rollers.

It features a top quality hydraulic pump which has a controllable lowering hand control and 3 position lever. Grease fittings are fitted at key points.




Fork length

1150 mm

Steering wheel material

Nylon (black)

Lift range

83 - 205 mm


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